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Microbrew Digital is the most comprehensive resource directory reporting on all the micro and small breweries based in the United Kingdom. Each edition will list all the new start-ups with hundreds of updates on existing breweries.

Each brewery is researched extensively and listing details include:

  • Full brewery contact information
  • Named contact
  • Size of Brewhouse (BBL)
  • Number of fermentation vessels
  • Beer packaging used
  • Brewery tours
  • Core beers, their ABV’s and tasting notes

There are additional sections within Microbrew Digital and these cover:

  • Suppliers directory
  • Large brewery listings
  • Education/Training establishments
  • Associations and societies
  • Features and industry statistics covering the UK brewing market

Our mission is to support the outstanding beers and craft beers made by our micro and small breweries in the United Kingdom. Many breweries are owned by hard working, local business owners who create jobs and generate money for the economy, and through Microbrew Digital we will continue to promote and support this ever-growing sector.

To view a sample of Microbrew 2016, please click on the below link.