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Cara Technology

Cara can provide you with regular cultures from our yeast collection or your own brewery yeast from our ISO9001-accredited facilities, propagate it in sufficient volume to pitch your brewery yeast propagator and store your strain securely in our cryogenic storage facilities.

We own the largest collection of yeast in the world and can offer high quality strains that will give you a great final product. In addition to our yeast supply, our highly qualified staff can assist you in selection and how to get the most out of your yeast during the brewing process.


Cara Technology Ltd,
Leatherhead Enterprise Centre,
Randalls Road,
Surrey KT22 7RY

Tel: 01372 822218


From supply of yeast in bulk to safe secure storage of your own strains, the National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) offers wide ranging services to microbrewers.

Our confidential yeast bank will help you to protect your production yeast against mishaps. Once stored in liquid nitrogen we can guarantee supply of a pure and genetically stable sample whenever you need it. We also offer purity checks and quality control analysis for your samples.

If you are looking for a special brew opportunity have a look at our strain collection at

The NCYC has a very extensive brewing collection at your service.


National Collection of Yeast Cultures,
Institute of Food Research,
Norwich Research Park,
Norfolk NR4 7UA

Tel: 01603 255093